About us

Masterz Myind Sdn Bhd (Co. No. 568489-H) is a B2B agency established in 2008 to serve the growing demand for unique business incentives and reward programmes. Our key objectives are to increase Revenue and Number of Customers, as well as enhance Employee and Member satisfaction.

To date, Masterz Myind has delivered exceptional incentive and reward solutions to large and medium sized corporations, as well as smaller establishments via our two main brands, Business Boosters ( www.businessboosters.com.my ) and Rewards and You
www.RewardsAndYou.com. Our programmes are specially designed to meet our customers’ unique needs, by using our collective experience, cross-industrial knowledge and best proven practices.

Our customers are offered a value-added service of highly-effective incentive and reward programmes that increase revenue, profitability, member and employee retention as well as satisfaction, and thus significantly improving overall productivity. The packages range from spa & wellness experiences to travel incentives and lifestyle privilege cards, besides numerous other unique and creative methods that we are continuously exploring and developing.

Masterz Myind’s commitment is to develop diverse and memorable incentive and reward solutions for our corporate clients. To this end we have developed relationships with like minded professionals in numerous organizations and locations throughout the world, enabling us to provide first class business solutions, hence resulting in first class service.

Our Incentive and Reward solutions can be used in various ways such as:

  • Sales Incentives to enhance Marketing Campaigns
  • Staff Rewards for Employee Recognition Programs
  • Crowd Puller Promotions at Exhibitions
  • Up-selling/Upgrading techniques to increase the average sales value
  • Performance Rewards to motivate Sales staff
  • Sales & Referral Incentives for Customer Acquisition
  • Special Bonus Promotions during Product Launches
  • Sign-Up & Activation Incentives to increase Membership
  • Promotional Incentives for Lead Generation
  • Limited Offer Promotions to create Immediate Sales
With careful planning and organizing, using our expertise and knowledge, we will put together a creative and comprehensive programme specifically designed for your company that can help to boost revenue and profitability, create brand awareness, increase productivity as well as achieving optimal customer, member and employee satisfaction.

Our team members are dynamic, enthusiastic and fun-loving while being dedicated and committed to bring out the best from each and every organization that we work with to facilitate in creating the desired results for our clients.

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